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Tia' Nicole (Niki) Dorsett 

Author and Wellness Advocate




North Carolina: Charlotte/Greensboro


A Bit About Tia' Nicole

Tia' Nicole, is an Entrepreneur, Wellness Advocate, and Dog Mom born and raised in Greensboro, N.C. who currently works for a company called Diaspora House as Director of Operations and is the CEO of Wellness Advocacy with Niki, and currently resides in North Carolina. A fun fact is that she taught herself Spanish over 14 years ago (Dominican Dialect). She is a mentor and a community leader who continues to support her past students, employees, and colleagues when they are in need of encouragement. She decided to write the book "Trust Your Dopeness" for many reasons, one being, to make the world aware of what it means to "unlearn” in terms of human behaviors. Another reason she decided to write this book is that, in these odd and somewhat difficult times, a lot of people have lost hope and honesty, it just doesn't have to be that way. We all make a choice every day, whether to react to our circumstances in a positive way or negatively. We can either see a situation as an obstacle or an opportunity. Tia wanted to inspire others just as she has been inspired by hundreds of self-help books, mentors, colleagues, family members, herself, TedTalks, and eBooks. And no, "herself" was not a typo in the last sentence! She has continued to encourage herself on a daily basis and is happy to share with you all how simple and wonderful life could be when YOU allow it. Now that you have read a little bit about the Author just know that you will be inspired and encouraged to take on any challenge that may come your way after purchasing and reading the book! Welcome to your best life!

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